Tickets and a Triangular Debate

Tickets for the Amherst vs. Wesleyan football game, resulting in a 3-3 tie, line the top of the page. Two tickets to Pavlova, with the caption "Near to H- is also Near to H-", as well as more unidentified tickets and an advertisement for the London String Quartet at Student Alumnae Hall at Mt. Holyoke are also featured in the top half of the page. A ticket for Wesleyan's "1831 Dinner," as well as an advertisement for a recital by baritone Norman Jollif are in the lower right corner. Finally, the folded item in the lower left corner is a program from a Triangular Debate among Amherst, Williams, and Wesleyan: "RESOLVED, That the manufacture of arms and munitions of war by private enterprise should be prohibited by international agreement." Merrick represented Amherst, along with Stewart Burton Nichols, in this December 1921 debate at Wesleyan.