New Hampshire, and Football 1921

The items on this page seem to indicate that Merrick went to New Hampshire after Amherst in the Spring of 1921, and took up a job as representative for the Fair Hill Estates company in Rye Beach, N. H. - his card is included, as is that of Lionel A. DuMaine, another representative. Dr. Herbert Smith of Nashua has a card includced her as well, and a souvenir program from the 7th Annual Carnival Week in Hampton Beach, N.H. is in the lower right. A drawing of a young lady with the words "I am going to kill you!!" in a speech bubble is in the upper left, on paper from THe Ocean Wave House in Rye, North Beach, N. H. Underneath the drawing is the caption "Just a token of esteem - Eveloe." And finally, the page includes a ticket to the Amherst vs. Springfield football game, as well as a program for the whole season, with scores - Amherst went 4-2-2 that year.