High School Dances, Commencement 1921

Three dance cards for high school dances - Central High School's Junior Prom, Wilbraham's Senior Prom, and the Senior Prom at Springfield Technical High School - are at the top of the page. Under each one is a caption: "Preparing for the ministry!", "'Twas hard luck, Lucy," and "It couldn't be helped, Tina, you must realize my position!" Business cards for Rooms, a Teacher of Piano and Theory, and "The Master Magician" are below the dance cards, and to the right, a ticket for the Amherst Base Ball Club and a small program for the 1921 Commencement and Centennial Celebration. Merrick is listed in the Biographical Record as being a member of the Class of 1921, but the scrapbook continues, and his name is listed in the program for the class of 1922.