Football Schedule and Change of Address

At the top left are two headlines from the Student, cut out and placed under the title "Special Football." The first tells of Amherst's "spectacular" defeat of Wesleyan, while below it, the headline reads "Amherst Loses to Williams 30-0, in Game Marred by Spectacular Work of Boynton." Merrick added his own sentiment to the headline by altering the text so the word reads "Marred." Below the headlines is a football schedule for 1919. Also present on the page are some names from a concert series program, as well as a "narrated" list of Merrick's addresses. Under his name, "22 North Prospect Street" has been crossed out, and the words "No! Not there! Then where?" are written. Next comes "Phi Gamma Delta House," also crossed out, with another "No! Not there! Then where?" Finally, we have a "311 Pratt Memorial Dormitory"? "You bet your life!"